I didn’t plan on quitting smoking in 2020, it just kind of happened. I’ve been a smoker for over 10 years and have tried quitting several times. Cold turkey, nicotine patches, hypnotherapy… if you can name it, I can tell you why it didn’t work for me.

That’s why I was skeptical when my friend told me he was using Lucy Nicotine Lozenges instead of cigarettes. There was just no way a lozenge was going to give me the feeling of smoking a cigarette outside of a bar at midnight. He gave me one anyway and I popped it in my mouth, surprisingly enough, it tasted great. There was a strong cherry flavor, but it didn’t have any weird after-taste like a cough drop. It was definitely more like a breath mint than cough syrup. The buzz lasted about an hour and I didn’t feel a need to smoke the whole time.

I didn’t think much of it and figured I might bum one from my friend again if I ran out of cigs, but then I saw a Facebook ad that offered a whole bottle of the lozenges for just $9. The ad said there was no requirement to buy more since I could cancel anytime, so I thought it sounded pretty good. I signed up and figured I would share my experience online:

“The ad said I would only be charged $9 and didn’t need to buy any more product if I didn’t like the experience, so thought it was worth a shot.”


I went to the Lucy website and found the Nicotine Lozenges. The Cherry Ice flavor was displayed right there, which matched what my friend had given me earlier. Each lozenge contains 4 milligrams of nicotine which honestly didn’t mean much to me, so I looked up how much nicotine is in a cigarette. Most sources seemed to say that you inhale roughly 1mg of nicotine while you smoke a cigarette. So that explains why I got such a substantial buzz from that lozenge I had earlier.

The bottle they were offering for $9 had 27 lozenges, so I could tell this would last me much longer than a pack of cigarettes. It seemed like a great deal, so I checked out. The package arrived on a Saturday morning and after a rough Friday night of drinking and smoking, my throat was badly in need of some relief. I was happy to have the lozenges so I popped one in my mouth and started chugging water to try and bring myself back to life.

The box arrived a few days later.

Here’s a breakdown of the value here:

  • Each lozenge contains 4mg of pure nicotine (no tobacco leaf)
  • Each bottle of lozenges contains 27 individual lozenges
  • That means you get 108mg of nicotine for just $9.
  • Depending on what you pay for cigarettes, this is 2x to 3x cheaper.
They honestly taste great.


After nursing my hangover, I took a quick shower and got myself together for the day. A buddy of mine was having a birthday party at a brewery about 20 minutes away so I hopped in an Uber and headed over. In the car, I was still feeling a little down, and obviously the driver wasn’t going to be cool with me smoking so I popped in another lozenge and the rest of the ride flew by. I always make an effort to not smell like smoke when I meet new people and I’m glad I did because some of the guests at this party were really cute. The day at the brewery was awesome and honestly it felt like this little bottle of nicotine lozenges was my secret weapon. No one could tell when I had one in my mouth and I didn’t need to head over to the dingy side-alley that the brewery had designated as a “smoking area” the whole time.

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On Monday, I grabbed all my things as I headed out the door to work. Phone, check. Wallet, check. Keys, check. Cigarettes? I remembered that my boss had been poking fun at my smoking habit for a while now, maybe I should just bring the lozenges instead? I grabbed the tiny bottle, slid it into my pocket and headed out the door. After my morning cup of coffee at work, I sat down at my desk and tucked a lozenge in my cheek and got to work. The day flew by. I was able to focus as if I had just gotten off of a smoke break, but that feeling of being in the zone lasted all day. I still made a point to step out around 3, but instead of hanging in the garage by the communal ashtray, I just walked around the block and stretched my legs.

My current everyday carry.


I honestly was super skeptical of these lozenges when I first heard about them. I just figured that the feeling I get from smoking couldn’t be replaced by sucking on a tiny lozenge. Now that I use these on the daily though, I really couldn’t go back. It's just so easy to pop one in, let it sit there and get a nicotine fix without letting anyone know. I really hated the stigma around smoking more than anything else. The feeling of smoking was great, but stepping outside, smelling like smoke, and getting looks from people sucked, and these nicotine lozenges basically give me the best of both worlds.

A solid choice.

Bottom line: if you are trying to quit cigarettes for good in 2020, you have to try Lucy nicotine lozenges. They taste great and will save you money too. Get a bottle of lozenges for just $9 by visiting this link: www.lucy.co/try-lozenge