Here at Lucy HQ, we work hard to understand all the science that underlies the claims we make, while also considering the social and cultural implications of what we do. Nicotine is a very controversial topic, so in order to share our thinking in more depth, we're launching a podcast.

We decided to call the podcast "How to Sell Drugs" because we think it's an important question to consider. How can companies responsibly sell drugs? How should governments regulate the sales of drugs? People often associate the word "drug" with "illegal drug", but in our view, the drug market includes StarBucks selling caffeine with very few restrictions, to pharmaceutical companies going through multiple phases of FDA trials to approve a new cancer drug, to the complex network of criminals who distribute large quantities of controlled substances illegally. We believe all of these examples are connected and should be viewed through the same lens of harm reduction, individual freedom, and scientific rigor.

In our inaugural episode, the Lucy co-founders discuss the genesis of the new company and why they are excited to make this product available after months of hard work.

You can listen to the podcast here on SoundCloud, or visit our Podcast Anchor Page to find links to your preferred podcast app.