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Top 8 Ways to Keep Your Breath Fresh After You Quit Smoking

You're off the cigarettes and hoping your breath smells as fresh as you feel – but your friends are telling you otherwise. Unfortunately, the oral effects of smoking can hang around for longer than you’d expect, and freshening up your breath is more complicated than chewing mints. [...]

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How Nicotine Affects Sleep

Having a hard time getting to sleep? Or sleeping through the night? If you’re waking up groggy, experiencing daytime sleepiness, or struggling to snooze, nicotine might be to blame. [...]

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How COPD Is Diagnosed and Treated

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is a condition where airflow to and from the lungs is limited. This is usually caused by the body's inflammatory response to inhaled irritants like cigarette smoke. [...]

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