If you have researched nicotine gum or lozenges as a way to cut back on smoking cigarettes, you probably noticed that there are several different varieties and brands out there.

What makes LUCY’s products the best option?

There are several differences between LUCY’s products and other smoking alternatives on the market, but flavor is a huge factor. We set out to make sure that LUCY products are the nicotine gum that actually tastes good. Since LUCY’s gum or lozenges will help you several times a day while you are trying to cut back on smoking, we want to make sure it’s something you actually want - or even look forward - to consuming several times a day.

How nicotine gum works:

Unlike regular gum, which you chew until it loses its flavor, you both chew and suck on nicotine gum to most effectively release the nicotine into your body. With LUCY’s chew & park, you chew the gum for 10 to 15 seconds, and then position it between your tongue and your cheek, repeating the process until you feel the desired intensity of nicotine release. You do this several times over a day whenever you start to feel withdrawal symptoms.

Each piece of gum contains four milligrams of nicotine - about a third to a sixth of the amount of nicotine in a typical cigarette - so that you’ll get a small release of nicotine whenever you need it throughout the day.

You might start out using a piece of nicotine gum every hour or two, and slowly cutting back over time. The idea is that if used correctly, over time, you’ll experience fewer cravings. First, you’ll require fewer pieces of nicotine gum during the day. Eventually, you’ll no longer need the nicotine release. Most manufacturers advertise that the smoking cessation process should take about 12 weeks with nicotine gum, with the maximum being six months. So when you first start to cut back on smoking, you’ll be using between eight and a dozen - at a minimum - pieces of gum per day. That’s A LOT of gum.

Delicious Flavors:

Flavor is super important not just because of how frequently you’re consuming nicotine gum, because nicotine by itself doesn’t taste that good. By itself, nicotine has a harsh taste and spicy mouthfeel - so we want to make sure the LUCY gum has the best flavor, so that it both tastes good and masks the taste of nicotine.

Another great thing about LUCY’s flavor offerings is the variety.

While most gums - nicotine or otherwise - just come in every imaginable variation of mint, LUCY’s chew and park gums come in three tasty flavors:

  • wintergreen (fresh peppermint with hints of citrus)
  • cinnamon (warm ceylon cinnamon with notes of ginger)
  • pomegranate (juicy pomegranate with acai fruit overtones)

LUCY’s nicotine lozenges come in three flavors, as well: citrus, cherry ice, and mint. LUCY’s scientists work to create the perfect mix of flavors and sweeteners, making sure the flavor masks the taste of the nicotine and lasts as long as the nicotine release does.

High-Quality Ingredients Made in the USA

LUCY also prides itself on the quality of our ingredients, and we take great care in selecting the ingredients we use. Since one of the reasons you’re probably looking for alternatives to smoking is to cut back on the weird chemicals that you’re letting into your body, we’ve made sure that LUCY products are free of additives and other ingredients that you’ve probably never heard of. While other brands of nicotine gum contain ingredients like edible ink, hypromellose, xylitol, polysorbate 80, and magnesium oxide, LUCY products only contain food-grade ingredients and colors.

Most other nicotine gums are coated with xylitol, a sugar alcohol that is slightly less sweet than Stevia. Instead of xylitol, LUCY is coated in malitol - a sugar alcohol produced from maltose that imparts a crisp outer flavor to the gum. Malitol is an American-made ingredient that ensures freshness and locks in the amazing flavor.

LUCY chew and park gum does not contain sugars or aspartame, and is free of other allergens including soy, gluten and dairy. LUCY chew and park gum also does not contain animal products.

We also want to make sure that LUCY’s chew and park nicotine gum actually feels like you’re chewing gum - not a smoking cessation tool disguised as something that resembles gum. In formulating the product, we focus on keeping the physical properties that chewing gum should have: elasticity, hardness, and how well it retains its texture and flavor. We use a synthetic gum base to control the physical properties of each piece of LUCY chew and park, making sure that each time you use it, you’ll have a high-quality, consistent sensory experience.

The most effective and efficient nicotine gum on the market:

Lucy uses a unique formulation of Nicotine Resinate to deliver nicotine in a controlled release manner. This nicotine resinate is nicotine bound to an ion-exchange resin (polymethacrilic acid, such as Amberlite IRP64 or Purolite C115HMR or Doshion P551...). The use of the resinate as a delivery system maximizes the amount of nicotine released and absorbed by the oral mucosa. Other, inferior formulations of nicotine gum result in low buccal nicotine absorption, meaning you either have to use more to get the same feeling, or become nauseated because the nicotine enters your gut. Our nicotine resinate ensures that the mouth absorbs over 90 percent of the nicotine released from each piece.

Using LUCY to cut back on smoking:

Looking for a smoking cessation tool you want to use - because it actually works AND it tastes good? Consider nicotine replacement therapies, like LUCY’s chew and park gum and nicotine lozenge.

Research suggests nicotine lozenges are more than twice as effective as other smoking cessation strategies, and the FDA approves LUCY’s nicotine lozenge as a method for quitting smoking.

With food-grade ingredients and delicious flavors like cinnamon, pomegranate, and mint, you can keep a pack of chew and park around for any time the craving strikes, whether you’re at work, at the gym, out with friends, or at a bar mitzvah trying not to miss the hora.

Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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